Pfister G133-10WW Series 1-Handle Pull-Out White Kitchen Faucet | Review

Pfister G133-10WW Series 1-Handle Pull-Out

What do you look for in a kitchen faucet? As a matter of fact, most of us seek a faucet that is not only stylish but also compatible with our general kitchen design. We also seek a kitchen faucet that works perfectly; and one that is also long-lasting. However, it could be really tricky to find a kitchen faucet that combines all these qualities without any fault. That is why I deemed it good do extensive research and find a kitchen faucet that could at least be stylish, efficient and durable at the same time. Through my search, I came across one of the best kitchen faucets - Pfister G133-10WW Series 1-Handle Pull-Out White Kitchen Faucet. This kitchen faucet is incredibly good in many ways from spraying power; to design; to ease of mounting; to operation; and many more positive attributes. It is also very durable. I intend to illustrate its super cool features and the benefits you could reap from using this product.

White Kitchen Faucet

Single- Handled

​One of the most important features you need to look for in a kitchen faucet is its ease of operation. With a single handle, the Pfister Kitchen Faucet has perfectly simple operation; you need only one hand to operate it. This feature also gives it a cool appearance.

Moderate-Height Arc

​Do you often work with large culinary vessels? If so, what you need is a kitchen faucet whose arc is sufficiently high for cleaning and filling. On the other hand, you don’t want a faucet that will end up blocking your window view. With regards to this, the Pfister Kitchen Faucet got you covered. As a matter of fact, this faucet’s height is neither too high nor too low; its height is just right for effective use and convenience.

Pull-Out Spray Head

​With the Pfister Kitchen Faucet, the spray head is pulled out in your direction. This spray head can rotate almost 190 degrees, and thus it provides more access to areas in and around the sink. This makes it easy for you to fill even the containers kept on the side near your sink. Moreover, the spray head has a toggle button that you can press to control the spray mode.

High Quality Materials

​Pfister’s body base is made of an excellent quality of brass while its disc valve is made of ceramic. These superior materials are also very durable. What’s more, the whole kitchen faucet is covered by a life-time warranty.


​The Pfister Kitchen Faucet conforms to the regulation that plumbing items need to be free of lead. Therefore, this product is safe for use with regards to your health.

Compatible with 1 or 3 Sink Holes

Now let’s examine the pros and cons of this product.


  • Easily accessible to persons with disabilities
  • ​Doesn’t contain lead
  • Rotates almost 190 degrees for easy access
  • Has a single handle for ease of operation
  • Compatible with sink having one or three holes
  • Beautiful appearance (high quality white color)


  • It may produce a whistles when the water is running (this happens when it’s mounted incorrectly)​


​As a matter of fact, there are numerous kitchen faucets out there; many of them are available in fancy designs. However, most of them cater only for short-lived appearance. On the other hand, the Pfister Kitchen Faucet is super cool in terms of design and performance. The beautiful white color goes a long way towards elevating the stylish appearance of your kitchen. Then again, the strength of its spray head means additional rinsing power for your vegetables, utensils and other culinary items. Furthermore, its material (brass and other components) is a lot more durable than most kitchen faucets out there. Basing my judgment on all the cool features of this product, my recommendation is for you to go for the Pfister G133-10WW Series 1-Handle Pull-Out white Kitchen Faucet. Then again, this is the faucet I use in my kitchen, so I am very sure that the product is one of the best kitchen faucets. Therefore, I am quite sure that after you experience this product, you will be back to narrate your story of satisfaction. Please remember that your feedback is always appreciated.