KOHLER K-596-BL Simplice Single-Hole Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet | Review

KOHLER K-596-BL Simplice Single-Hole Pull-Down

A faucet refers to a device that enables one to control the flow of liquids e.g. water from a pipe. Faucets are commonly known as taps. There exists a different type of faucets. Knowing the best kitchen faucet to invest in is often a big challenge. Different faucets come with different features and often their prices vary. Black kitchen faucets are however the most commonly preferred in the market. They not only speed up your work in the kitchen but are also very stylish. With this type of faucet you do not have to worry whether it will match with the color of your kitchen. They are essentially designed to blend easily with a kitchen of any color. There are different examples of black kitchen faucets. They differ from each other in durability, features and the technology used. Some are more attractive than others. This is due to the fact that they are designed differently. To make your work easier, we have identified the best black kitchen faucet in the market. The KOHLER K-596-BL Simplice Single-Hole Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet.

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​This kitchen faucet exists in three different colors that is, Matte black, Polished Chrome and vibrant stainless.

  • It is a combination of an exquisite transitional high-arc design whose ergonomics are quiet exceptional and high-end functionality. This renders it the most suitable innovative faucet for all your kitchen applications.
  • ​The simplice spray-head consists of solid sculpted buttons which offer improved operations even when your hands are either soapy or wet.
  • Its transitional styling offers very sleek fluid lines that work in hand in hand with any kitchen style or design simplifying maintenance and makes cleaning easy.
  • The advanced spout design and the ability to make a 360 degree rotation enable the kitchen faucet to provide superior clearance for a wide range of sink tasks.
  • ​It has a quiet nylon hose that contains ball joint configuration on the spray-head hence providing superior ergonomics and easy to use functions.

The simplice Single-Hole Faucet is beautiful, elegant and simple. Its the most recent among the black kitchen faucets. Its design is attractive and unique. Unlike other black faucets it's easy to install. No special tools are required for installation. The deal gets better since its pull out head has a long hose. Additionally, the head pulls out easily and flexes perfectly. Its long hose enables it to have a better long reach which is an important feature for over-sized sinks. It’s the perfect faucet therefore for filling pots and pans.

​The fittings are almost seamless and have no extra ridges. The faucet therefore does not need cleaning every now and then. It is super easy to clean.


Forms a hard sweep spray

​It creates wide,hard blades of water that are essential for superior cleaning. The best feature to loosen egg yolk and thick butter. This means that your utensils will be 100% clean.


​Includes a magnetic locking system that is situated in the spout. It securely fits the spray-head into place.

ProMotion Technology

​The combination of the advanced braided hose and the swiveling ball joint makes its spray-head easy and comfortable to use.

The faucets ability to resist mineral build up renders it very easy to clean. It has a pause function. This is a new feature which is rare in other faucets. This pause function enables you to quickly stop water for running between tasks. The kohler finishes enables simplice to resist corrosion and any tarnishing. Its durability actually exceeds the industry durability standards by over two times. The simplice faucet comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

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  • Elegant with an attractive design​
  • Easy to install
  • Simple to use
  • Super easy to clean
  • Advanced additional functions
  • ​Comes with a lifetime limited warranty


  • ​Its hard to moderate the flow of water
  • The chrome finish often shows water spots
  • Observable defects in the hot supply system. This is a rare occurrence


​Kitchen accessories are a good and necessary compliment. Its no question that every kitchen with a sink definitely needs a faucet. There are no better faucets than the black kitchen faucets. To be more specific the simplice Sinlge-Hole Pull-Down kitchen faucet. Its everybody's dream to have an elegant kitchen. This faucet is exactly what you need. It is essentially attractive. the stainless steel makes it shiny and beautiful.Besides,it is simple to install and easy to use. It comes with special features such as the pause function which is rare in other types of faucets. Obviously a little bit more money buys such conveniences. Despite the fact that the faucet will cost you more dollars,its a worth it investment. An investment that comes with a lifetime limited warranty. On a personal level I would rate this faucet 4.2 stars out of five. It is therefore the best kitchen faucet