Pfister Pfirst Series 1-Handle Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet

Pfister is one of the best rated kitchen faucets brand in the market. Kitchen faucets
has different range of products and some are in very high cost. Pfister Pfirst Series 1-Handle Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet is Best suited for home kitchen. And we can categorized
this faucet as cheap kitchen faucet.

cheap kitchen faucets

Design :

This product has designed as pull-out style. And stainless steel uses for make this
cheap kitchen faucets. This faucet look like basic range but its functionality was great
for home use. Sprayer head of this faucet designed with rounded shape. And has decent
water pressure.

Features of this Faucet :

Working condition is pretty good for this cheap kitchen faucets product. This has 2.2
gallons of water consumption per minute. Finishing of the faucet head good for the high
level of water consumption.Sprout has a high arc and it is reasonable clearance between
the faucet head and object that you are using for clean or picking the water.

It has 38"hose which is made with nylon. Operation of this cheap kitchen faucets are
really easy and no leaks happens.And flexible for working with this faucet.

Installation and Maintenance :

This Best pull-out kitchen faucet is easy to install at your kitchen. Weight of this
product is 4.8 pounds and dimension is 20.8 x 12.5 x 2.9 inches. This can easily install
with DIY way. No need to hire plumber.Method of installation is deck mounted and has one
- three holes available for fit.

This product is high quality, best rated kitchen faucet in the market. Brass and
stainless steel uses for this. So you can use it for longer time without getting any
issue. Aerator and sprayer of this faucet, functioned well and had best
performance.Sprayer which has in faucet has flexible bumps and it is easy to clean it.

These Pfister cheap kitchen faucets are best product for home kitchen and This was best
kitchen faucet for the money.