How to Replace a Best Kitchen Faucet

Do It By your Self

Every home have one or more kitchen faucets.Once the old faucet get leaked or issue you need to replace them.Some people have some afraid to replace this as DIY method. Because they think this is very critical thing and can’t do it by yourself.Thankfully nowadays, with best kitchen faucet becoming easier to install,You can get the work done in less than an hour.No need to hire plumber for this. In here We are going to express proper guide to installing your pull out kitchen faucet perfectly.

best kitchen faucet

Tools needed for this :

  • Adjustable wrench
  • Basin Wrench
  • Putty Knife
  • Bucket
  • Thread seal tape
  • Cleaning materials

1.Turn Off the the water line for the faucet

You can do this by Twist the line valve handles clockwise to off the water line

2. Remove your old faucet

With Faucet package has configuration diagram, You need to check and identify the connection and special instructions. Remember,you're not a plumber and it's easy to forget what goes where or forget to check off an important step of the process.Turn on the Existing faucet to relieve pressure in the pipeline. By using adjustable pliers to loosen the compression nuts holding the faucets supply lines to the supply valves. Place a bucket under the connection to collect any water that may leak as you disconnect the supply lines. After that you need to remove the mounting nuts using the basin wrench. Depending on the faucet model there has been one or two mounting nuts there. Once completely removing all the nuts and washer you can remove old faucet easily.

3. Clean The Surface

After removing the old faucet,carefully clean the surface of the faucet sink. For this use non scratching material like cotton cloths.

4. Install your new best kitchen faucet

The hose line now needs to be screwed to the spray head.Insert the hose through the faucet spout. Next you need to take the rubber- sealing ring and carefully slide it over the hoses and supply line. If needed,this is when you'd also insert a escutcheon plate.Then,pass all the hoses through the sink rim.

5. Fit the faucet.

underneath the sink,you'll find a washer. Thread seal tape can be use for faucet threads.The nut assembly must then be pushed up to the counter's underside.

6.Connect the supply lines

Then you need to connect the spray hose to the the faucet by snapping on the spring clip.

7. Tighten the Compression Unit

Then perfectly tighten up the compression unit nuts. Just make sure to stop right when it draws tight.check again one time this was tighten well. This process ensure the supply hose doesn't twist.

8. Add the Hose Weight

If your faucet is pull out faucet, then this type of faucet has a weight on the hose,right in the middle,that limits the extension of the hose and helps it retract.Measure about 15 inches from the spray hose down and fit the weight around the faucet's hose.Screw everything together.

​By going through the above steps you can see the self installation process of best kitchen faucet is really easy. No need to spent for plumber. You can do it very carefully than others.

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