How to Clean the Kitchen Faucets

​Why We Need to Clean Kitchen Faucets :

Clean place, clean tools are always give pretty living environment for everybody.Once we finished the kitchen activities we are clean the floor area, tables,spoon, knife etc.But most of the people who are using the kitchen not think about the faucet. This is the mostly used tool while on cooking as well as cleaning. But forget to clean it. If we clean it well after the kitchen activities then we can use faucet for long time.If you are the person who clean the faucet daily then the cleaning process may easy.

Identify the Finish of the faucet :

Different faucets and brands are manufactured by using different materials.First you need to identify this. It was with your package of faucet.It has the guideline. Most faucets are chrome based. Nowadays All the Best kitchen faucets come with stainless type. So consumer doesn't need to get afraid with their durability. Touchless kitchen faucet has less ability to get dirty while on cooking. Because its operate without touching the faucet.

Best kitchen faucets

How to Clean :

For the cleaning process of the faucet you can use detergent (Liquid or powder), Soap, Baking soda (If stains are there) . For clean the surface cleaning cloth is better. By using this you need to clean neck and handle of the kitchen faucet.You can do this only one time and its enough for clean the surface area.Scrub sponges and old toothbrushes are not good for new faucets. Because most new faucets has warranty. But if you use wrong cleaning chemicals or methods then warranty may void. So please make sure with your product type and the conditions of manufacturer. Some faucets had adjustable water sprayer. You need to takeout this and clean that hose also.

If your faucet old and had stains then you can't clean that using the cleaning cloths. For this you need small quantity of baking powder and old tooth brush for clean the stains on the faucets.It's helps to remove them from the faucet body.

Sprayer Head :

Some Faucet sprayer head can removable. For better cleaning process you can remove this head area of the sprayer and then clean it. Always make sure to clean these areas very softly. If not it may leak after that by damaging the edges or washers.

Dry Clean the Surface :

After that need to clean faucet by fresh water and then you need to dry it by soft cloth. If you follow these steps daily then your kitchen may looks pretty place to come. When you come to take water for your glass it has pretty clean look. And on the other hand This will help to use them for long time. Its save your money in the pocket. No need to do constant repairs or replace the faucet regularly.