Four types of Kitchen faucets working mechanism

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Four Different Mechanism

Every home had one or more kitchen faucets and we all know how important is it. Though there have been lots of different faucets available on the market and they were categorized in to several types. If you think all these have same mechanism of operation, absolutely it is not correct. They have different ways of mechanism.

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There are 4 types of working mechanism faucets:

Disc Faucet

On these faucets had only single handle for controlling the water flow and temperature level

It has two-disc concept for open and close the faucet valve for control the hot and cold water.

Ball Faucet:

This type has single handle and single spout. In here handle control and rotate the ball. By this process water flow and temperature has controlled. In there have not a washer. But the mixing process has easily done with this mechanism. By analyzing showing that ball faucet has more chance to leak than other types like cartridge and disc kitchen faucets.

Cartridge Faucet:

Other than this name, these are also called as washer less. Because for these type have not use washers. Instead of them they use O-rings and seals. They were maintaining the leaks and prevent them. And also controlling the water by using these techniques. These are also dual handle products.

Compression faucet:

In the faucet market this type is the mostly use one. They are equipped with separate knobs. These type is the mostly used one When the handle is raise or lower, then the washer closed against the valve and control the water flow. Sometime rubber washer wear-out and on these times tap has drips.

Most of the faucet users have not much of knowledge regarding this. They have check guide and select best kitchen faucet. There is no issue at all. But if you have some kind of this working processes it will be added advantage for selecting suitable one. And on the other hand if faucet need repair after some period of time then this will really help for you