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How to Replace a Best Kitchen Faucet

Do It By your Self

Every home have one or more kitchen faucets.Once the old faucet get leaked or issue you need to replace them.Some people have some afraid to replace this as DIY method. Because they think this is very critical thing and can’t do it by yourself.Thankfully nowadays, with best kitchen faucet becoming easier to install,You can get the work done in less than an hour.No need to hire plumber for this. In here We are going to express proper guide to installing your pull out kitchen faucet perfectly.

best kitchen faucet

Tools needed for this :

  • Adjustable wrench
  • Basin Wrench
  • Putty Knife
  • Bucket
  • Thread seal tape
  • Cleaning materials

1.Turn Off the the water line for the faucet

You can do this by Twist the line valve handles clockwise to off the water line

2. Remove your old faucet

With Faucet package has configuration diagram, You need to check and identify the connection and special instructions. Remember,you're not a plumber and it's easy to forget what goes where or forget to check off an important step of the process.Turn on the Existing faucet to relieve pressure in the pipeline. By using adjustable pliers to loosen the compression nuts holding the faucets supply lines to the supply valves. Place a bucket under the connection to collect any water that may leak as you disconnect the supply lines. After that you need to remove the mounting nuts using the basin wrench. Depending on the faucet model there has been one or two mounting nuts there. Once completely removing all the nuts and washer you can remove old faucet easily.

3. Clean The Surface

After removing the old faucet,carefully clean the surface of the faucet sink. For this use non scratching material like cotton cloths.

4. Install your new best kitchen faucet

The hose line now needs to be screwed to the spray head.Insert the hose through the faucet spout. Next you need to take the rubber- sealing ring and carefully slide it over the hoses and supply line. If needed,this is when you'd also insert a escutcheon plate.Then,pass all the hoses through the sink rim.

5. Fit the faucet.

underneath the sink,you'll find a washer. Thread seal tape can be use for faucet threads.The nut assembly must then be pushed up to the counter's underside.

6.Connect the supply lines

Then you need to connect the spray hose to the the faucet by snapping on the spring clip.

7. Tighten the Compression Unit

Then perfectly tighten up the compression unit nuts. Just make sure to stop right when it draws tight.check again one time this was tighten well. This process ensure the supply hose doesn't twist.

8. Add the Hose Weight

If your faucet is pull out faucet, then this type of faucet has a weight on the hose,right in the middle,that limits the extension of the hose and helps it retract.Measure about 15 inches from the spray hose down and fit the weight around the faucet's hose.Screw everything together.

​By going through the above steps you can see the self installation process of best kitchen faucet is really easy. No need to spent for plumber. You can do it very carefully than others.

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Four types of Kitchen faucets working mechanism

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Four Different Mechanism

Every home had one or more kitchen faucets and we all know how important is it. Though there have been lots of different faucets available on the market and they were categorized in to several types. If you think all these have same mechanism of operation, absolutely it is not correct. They have different ways of mechanism.

kitchen faucet

There are 4 types of working mechanism faucets:

Disc Faucet

On these faucets had only single handle for controlling the water flow and temperature level

It has two-disc concept for open and close the faucet valve for control the hot and cold water.

Ball Faucet:

This type has single handle and single spout. In here handle control and rotate the ball. By this process water flow and temperature has controlled. In there have not a washer. But the mixing process has easily done with this mechanism. By analyzing showing that ball faucet has more chance to leak than other types like cartridge and disc kitchen faucets.

Cartridge Faucet:

Other than this name, these are also called as washer less. Because for these type have not use washers. Instead of them they use O-rings and seals. They were maintaining the leaks and prevent them. And also controlling the water by using these techniques. These are also dual handle products.

Compression faucet:

In the faucet market this type is the mostly use one. They are equipped with separate knobs. These type is the mostly used one When the handle is raise or lower, then the washer closed against the valve and control the water flow. Sometime rubber washer wear-out and on these times tap has drips.

Most of the faucet users have not much of knowledge regarding this. They have check guide and select best kitchen faucet. There is no issue at all. But if you have some kind of this working processes it will be added advantage for selecting suitable one. And on the other hand if faucet need repair after some period of time then this will really help for you

Myths About Touchless Faucet

​Technologically-driven house hold items may have complex configuration.But they have given perfect service to a days most of the house hold items are developed with technology.The touchless kitchen faucet is a perfect example of the modern kitchen apparatus that are currently in trend.But Some people had myths about the technological products.

touchless kitchen faucet

Myths about the Touchless Kitchen Faucet

Despite the complication that are being faced in operating these items,many people choose to buy them.But there is a population out there who believe in the myths doing the rounds about a particular product.Surprisingly, there are many such myths that surround touchless kitchen faucet usage,So these myths reduce the buying impact of the home owners.

Touchless faucet operates Automatically

There are doubt about the automatic operation of the touchless kitchen faucet where by it is believed it turn on and off by it self. However,this is not the case.The apparatus uses motion sensors to detect the touch or movement and there by turn on and off the system automatically. you don't need to pull a lever as and when you need water.But People were littlebit confusing with that process. But this is really impressive thing of them.Its really feature for easy of use the faucet.

Touchles faucet is expensive

It is often said that the price of the touchless kitchen faucet is much more than its standard counterpart.If compared to the piece of various technology-driven equipments in the market,the cost of the faucet is quite less. But with comparing the manual faucets this has some what high cost. Buy its really good investment with the getting benefits like water saving easy of use it.

​Touchless faucet needs an Plumber for installation

​No,if you posses even a minimum trick to establishing pipe connections,you are enough yourself to install the set-up,However,if you have no idea about that,you definitely need an expert hand for installation. If you are doing it yourself and you have a metal sink,you must ensure your faucet is properly insulated while you're installing your kitchen apparatus. In this way really helps for save the money on your pocket.

​Touchless faucet is Hard to control

​When you ask someone for a review of touchless kitchen faucet,you may hear that they say the faucet is uncontrollable and unfit for families.Don't believe them until you use one. The touchless function of the faucet is proper and reliable. It functions well under normal conditions. The big families with touchless kitchen faucet are assured of having a less messed up kitchen together.

​the price, quality, configuration,benefits,safety features etc give so many reason for you to try it.And Touchless faucets save more water. You can highly detect them while on using them in first month.

How to Clean the Kitchen Faucets

​Why We Need to Clean Kitchen Faucets :

Clean place, clean tools are always give pretty living environment for everybody.Once we finished the kitchen activities we are clean the floor area, tables,spoon, knife etc.But most of the people who are using the kitchen not think about the faucet. This is the mostly used tool while on cooking as well as cleaning. But forget to clean it. If we clean it well after the kitchen activities then we can use faucet for long time.If you are the person who clean the faucet daily then the cleaning process may easy.

Identify the Finish of the faucet :

Different faucets and brands are manufactured by using different materials.First you need to identify this. It was with your package of faucet.It has the guideline. Most faucets are chrome based. Nowadays All the Best kitchen faucets come with stainless type. So consumer doesn't need to get afraid with their durability. Touchless kitchen faucet has less ability to get dirty while on cooking. Because its operate without touching the faucet.

Best kitchen faucets

How to Clean :

For the cleaning process of the faucet you can use detergent (Liquid or powder), Soap, Baking soda (If stains are there) . For clean the surface cleaning cloth is better. By using this you need to clean neck and handle of the kitchen faucet.You can do this only one time and its enough for clean the surface area.Scrub sponges and old toothbrushes are not good for new faucets. Because most new faucets has warranty. But if you use wrong cleaning chemicals or methods then warranty may void. So please make sure with your product type and the conditions of manufacturer. Some faucets had adjustable water sprayer. You need to takeout this and clean that hose also.

If your faucet old and had stains then you can't clean that using the cleaning cloths. For this you need small quantity of baking powder and old tooth brush for clean the stains on the faucets.It's helps to remove them from the faucet body.

Sprayer Head :

Some Faucet sprayer head can removable. For better cleaning process you can remove this head area of the sprayer and then clean it. Always make sure to clean these areas very softly. If not it may leak after that by damaging the edges or washers.

Dry Clean the Surface :

After that need to clean faucet by fresh water and then you need to dry it by soft cloth. If you follow these steps daily then your kitchen may looks pretty place to come. When you come to take water for your glass it has pretty clean look. And on the other hand This will help to use them for long time. Its save your money in the pocket. No need to do constant repairs or replace the faucet regularly.